Christmas presents

A quick note on the Christmas (or otherwise) gift front. While I’m sure everyone has by now completed their Christmas shopping, I thought I would direct your eyes to this site. Because yes, Sciblogs has indeed made up some merchandise! You can get hoodies, t-shirts and stickers, and if there’s interest in anything else (bags, etc), then that can be done too. We do make a small commission on each product sold – a commission […]

Season's greetings

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Christmas.  New Year’s.  The extremely aptly-named silly season. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to say thank you to all our Sciblings.  Since its humble beginnings in September/October of this year, we’ve seen over 600 new posts written (to total over 1,100). Our stats have climbed steadily – we’re seeing some great numbers already, and our cunning plans to improve this dramatically will start being seen in […]

The cost of Christmas dinner

In more of the spirit of things festive, Stats NZ have released a series of data looking at the cost of two different types of NZ Christmas dinner, both this year and in previous years. (No, rabbit is not on the menu) And, because I enjoy graphing, I thought I’d take some of the data and make pretty pictures with it. (Note: data based on consumption of a family of 4 – two adults, two […]

I have moved to Sciblogs

Hello everyone :)As you may or may not be aware, I’m also part of the stable of bloggers to be found on Sciblogs. For the moment, I’ve decided to be lazy and rather than syndicating/double posting (which always requires a little extra work), I’m simpl…

Nano ho-ho

In the spirit of Christmas, I’d like to share with you all the world’s smallest snowman.(Click on image for link to site)Credit: NPL siteThe snowman was developed by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, and is a marvel of festivity-inspired nano-joll…

Introducing Shady, or, how to get a robot to do what a blind can

The last couple of days have felt particularly roboty.Why, you ask? Well, I shall be posting one some of the things that came across my tech-strewn desk, and I’ll introduce the mini-topic with this one. Shady.Cast your mind back to a hot, sunny day. …

PittConnect and online scientists

Ah, social networking for scientists. Hooray!PittCon, which describes itself self-effacingly as the “world’s annual premier Conference and Exposition on laboratory science”, has gone one step further than simply bringing together some 20,000 people …

Absolutely stunning: 100 days in Glacier National Park

I came across this stunning set of photos while trawling teh intertubes earlier today.(Click on picture to go to website)Western Tanager (Day 50)Credit: Chris Peterson 2009It’s a series of photos taken over 100 consecutive days in Glacier National Park…

World leaders, 20 years on and sorry

This is really quite interesting.(Click on link to go to website: once there, click on picture for slideshow)Greenpeace is running an ad campaign in Copenhagen airport, featuring world leaders who are 20 years older (‘though many look much more) and ap…