Mindbullets goodness: The Avatar Wars

Does anyone else out there read Mind Bullets? If not, I’d thoroughly recommend it.  Or else wait for me to occasionally post on it (when it’s appropriate to this forum).  The most recent post certainly is. Mind Bullets, for the uninitiated, is part of the FutureWorlds network.  Basically, a bunch of really interesting people like to cast their minds into the future and write about possible scenarios.  It’s a mental exercise, but one involving futurism.  […]

When art meets science – Wireless in your World

This is what happens when art and science get together and make very beautiful motion infographic babies. We’re used to the idea that we’re surrounded by wifi networks (well, I hope we are).  Still, have you ever actually tried to visual them all, and how they surround you and overlap with each other? I’ve not, to be honest.  Something about which I’m now slightly embarassed. Anyhoo, someone else has! Designer Timo Arnall has made a […]

Quantum memory improves (vastly)

Let’s hope I manage to explain this properly :) Firstly, a shoutout to a local – a University of Otago researcher was actually involved in this.  Hooray!  It means I get, not only to geek out, but to have pride in doing so.  Always a nice feeling. So, on with the post.  Well, in essence, quantum memory just got a lot better.  If that’s all the news you needed, you may stop reading now. If, […]

Brief interlude: spoon

So, because I realise I have been remiss in posting over the last few days*. And also because I’m currently writing something somewhat more complex:  I bring you sciencey spoon-related humour. A word of introduction.  Some time ago, in a country fairly far away, the BBC decided to implement a terrestrial version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: h2g2.  And they invited applications from all peoples, whether Earthian or not**. It’s an absolutely fantastic […]

Sciencey goodness Pt I

Sometimes I am able to write posts on Friday.  Sometimes not. At least part of the reason for this is that I spend my Thursday afternoons and Fridays (or at least parts thereof) research for and writing the SMC weekly newsletter.  Which is awesome. And you should sign up!  Why?  Because it’s well interesting, of course.  Peter Griffin, also of the SMC, writes the feature articlets for it, and I get the fun of doing […]

On babies

Having a discussion with a friend.  On the subject of my being willing to give my firstborn for sun and heat, he expressed disappointment. On my enquiring as to the reasons for this, it generally being accepted as a relatively high price to pay for something, the following answer was forthcoming: Well it is just your first born, it is the practice one, right? Remember your first paper airplane? Or the first time you rode […]


* sudden brain death * * slumps forward * meep?


ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. * grin * ow.

Distorted internal body maps, anyone?

Our brains’ internal representations of ourselves are not, it would appear, quite as accurate as one would have thought. That, at least, is the conclusion of paper which just came out in the dangerously-acronymed PNAS*. To introduce the subject, then, let’s agree that it’s important for the brain to know where all our various physical bits are.  It stops us walking backwards into things, not accidentally kicking people under the table, and so forth.  No […]

Oh dear…

I’m absolutely certain I had something amusing to say.  * pat pat * * pat other pockets frantically * Damn.  I must have left it in my other brain this morning.  Sigh.