How fast to shake to get dry? Science answers…

It’s a difficult subject, this. And probably too punworthy for me to be able to help myself (although I shall try). Some enterprising scientists have discovered the optimal oscillation needed by a hairy beastie shaking itself dry.  And by oscillation, of course, I mean ‘shaking of the body’. Or, possibly, ‘booty’. They filmed a bunch of dogs shaking themselves as a means of water dispersal*, and had  a look at the results, which for labrador […]

Brilliant photos of small things

Being a large fan of all things small, particularly when one is able to take photos of them, I bring you this: Yes, the results for this year’s Nikon Small World competition are in.  Each year, the competition takes in entries of the best microscopy on the web, and then hurls awards at the ones it likes the most. Or something. I remember spending hours happily closeted with a very large and expensive fluorescent  microscope, […]

A challenge!

Greetings, all! Before explaining the subject of this post further, I thought I’d explain that my absence hasn’t been due to my deciding no longer to pen sciencey things, but can instead be put down to the fact that I have spent the last three weeks in South Africa.  Which means I now have a tan :) And it is with this absence in mind that I now put out the challenge (or request, depending […]