Filthy foreigner Pt II: Another letter

Having received the fantastic news yesterday that New Zealand’s Immigration Department has kindly acceded to my wish to stay in this country, as a resident, I now present further funny reference letters from my mad friends. No, these weren’t the ones I actually sent to the ID.  I’m not entirely sure they know what a sense of humour is… —————————— Dear imigrationz, Plz let aimee stay in New Zealand cuz she is teh awesome!She iz […]

Fresh out: extraterrestrial life _not_ discovered!

You can thank the rampant speculation caused by NASA’s press release for this blog post’s title1. [UPDATE: There's now a lot of controversy over the paper, which a number of microbiologists says it's not, um, terribly good...] And the thing is, the discovery in question is a really awesome and important one.  But it’s also a pretty technical one, and I imagine will leave a lot of people saying something along the lines of ‘meh’. […]