A day of maps and visualisations

I’m a pretty visual being, and today has been a feast for my soul. Whilst writing our weekly newsletter, I came across a bunch of awesome stuff around mapping and visualisations.  Which I’m going to share (warning: short blog post due to encroachment of Friday arvo beer o’clock). In order of discovery, then: Infographics Did you know that Barack Obama’s SOTU 2011 address was released in an enhanced (i.e. containing infographics) version?  I certainly didn’t, […]

Sci-fi interlude: The Twelve Colonies of Kobol (plus a little Goldacre)

Inspired by fellow Sciblogger Michael Edmond’s recent post on science fiction, I present something very much in that rein.  Universe.  Star system.  Something… BSG: seriously scintillating sci-fi I’ve been a lifelong lover of all things science fiction.  My early reading included much Asimov and C. Clarke, and the offerings of recent science fiction writers are a veritable cornupia of joy (Ian M Banks’ Culture novels being a good example). Of course, there’s also been some […]

On being a test bunny: Part I

I’ve never been part of a clinical trial, until now. I smoke.  I’ve been a moderate to heavy, (and very happy), smoker for about 8 years.  Which habit has resulted, variously, in: a couple of fillings; blood pressure that’s gone from being so low I used to be blind for the first 30 seconds after getting up every morning, to being normal; the loss of my once substantial lung capacity; and rather a lot of […]

Wine: good for superconductors, too

A very quick pointer, for those who don’t see my tweets :) Once again, arXiv.org rises to the fore*, with an interesting application for alcohol. Not content with fighting cancer and improving lifespan, or being good for our bones (and I’m sure that research will at some point show that single malt whisky** is highly beneficial), it appears that alcohol is beneficial for superconductors! Apparently, it’s a case (haha) of, um, lubricated*** scientists who decided […]

Things wot I could/should speak about

For lo!  Behold above my awesomeness with regards use of the English language. * gets grip on self * Anyhoo, I’ve got a coupla speaking type engagements/thingies looming in the coming months, and thought I could crowdsource my topics.  Or, in other words (as previously asked on twitter, and FB), about which things, dear readers, would you like to hear me opine/propound/enthuse? So far, I’ve had: How one goes from mol-bio to twitterati in 2.5 […]

On homeopathics, and physics

After a somewhat extended sojourn, I have returned, once more, unto the breach.  Dear friends. Just a brief one today, as I find my stride again, comprised of two bits. ————————- First up!  Homeopathy.  As y’all may have realised, I am most certainly not one of its proponents.  Anything but, in fact (which reminds me, I have some very interesting research regarding the placebo effect about which to blog sometime soon). It’s a wonderful BBC […]

The Twitterverse

The Twitterverse, courtesy of Brian Solis… [Make clicky for hi-res image]  

Overcommited, much?

Jesus on a tricycle. Feeling a little overwhelmed with commitments at the moment.  To list, then: Have day job Must start science blogging again Managing 6 twitter accounts Managing 3 FB groups/pages Doing social media strat for nationwide event in March Multiple speaking engagements/organisation thereof in next coupla months (all around geekery of some sort) Have also bought Kinect, training for Around the Bays mini marathon in March, and then there’s, you know, learning Processing, […]


So, for the hell of it, I had these business cards printed up (front and back sides).  Also, I was having fun with photoshop brushes :)