Giant Jenga

Giant jenga.  As played with Gold. Collapse Wanna see the Final Collapse?  Go here!

QuaDror – could this be useful for Christchurch?

On combing the interwebs today for the SMC’s weekly newsletter, I came across something incredible: the QuaDror. It’s a structural support system which, says the website: is a new space truss geometry that unfolds manifold design initiatives and can adapt to various conditions and configurations. Gizmodo has this to say about it: It has more structural strength, both horizontally and vertically, than a traditional A-frame, though it can be folded totally flat for economical shipping. […]

Lecture! The decline in NZ activism: who cares?

[Posting this because, amusingly, the Hutt C/S site hasn’t been updated in aaaaages] At a time when Tunisians and Egyptians are taking to the streets to overthrow governments these citizens see as corrupt or dictatorial or undemocratic, New Zealand citizen protest and activism is in decline and has been for several decades now. Other citizens around the world quite literally are risking their lives to deliver a message that they believe in. New Zealanders on […]

Christchurch Earthquake: Holy ****!

NOTE: I’m updating this constantly as new stuff comes in, with resources, accommodation stuff, etc I didn’t feel yesterday’s quake*. Sitting in Wellington, I would still have expected to (our building shakes pretty easily), but I was instantly aware that something was afoot when Twitter lit up with variations on the theme ‘holy ***, HUGE quake #eqnz’. I’ve been glued to Twitter ever since, as messages fly around the country offering (and asking for) help […]

Introducing a new blog: Digging the Dirt

Sciblogs just keeps on truckin’, man*. At this rate, it’s possible we may, at some point, assimilate _all_ the science bloggers.  Who will give in willingly, because putting up any kind of fight would be completely useless :)** And so, we would love to introduce to you all Brigid Gallagher, who will be penning Digging the Dirt. Brigid’s an archaeologist trained in Conservation.  While you may be most familiar with her as one of the […]

Opting out of the Yellow/White Pages (in NZ)

I became very excited today at the news that it was possible to opt out of receiving the Yellow Pages. Which excitement turned slightly custardy upon finding that this option was available in the US, not New Zealand. The next question, of course, was ‘is it possible to do so in our fair, green country?’.  And the answer, interestingly, is a resounding ‘NO’. It seems that the terms of Telecom’s 2007 sale of Yellow Pages […]