Arthur C Clarke

Pornography and televangelism have much in common. They are usually harmless, and can even be beneficial – in moderate doses. Unfortunately, both are addictive. In excess, the first can destroy the soul – the second, the mind. And which is worse, I have never quite decided.

Introducing a new blog: Priority One

Rejoice!  For we present unto you another blog! Jennifer Nickel will be penning Priority One.  Her reason? She feels not enough attention is paid to health – neither ours, nor that of the planet on which we live. And, given her expertise in the area, she hopes to dispel some of the misconceptions and misinformation on the subject. Welcome, Jennifer!  We look forward to your sharing your knowledge with us :)

New things!

I’m back! [UPDATE: Sorry, realised that I may have inadvertently caused confusion over the people responsible for naming the seamounts.  Stand by for clarity (and in the meantime, I've removed any specific references)] [FURTHER UPDATE: Right, so it appears that the naming of the seamounts was done both by fishers _and_ scientists.  More details on naming below.*] And I wanted to offer, as opening gift, my favourite science-related fact of the day. On NZ’s Chatham […]

Introducing a new blog: sleep on it

Having realised that we’re sufficiently fascinating to be the cause of sleep deprivation in some of our readers, we thought we’d try to help. And so, we’d like (very happily) to introduce Karyn O’Keeffe, who will be blogging about all things sleep-related on sleep on it.  Karyn’s been working in the field of sleep for almost a decade, and currently investigates both sleeping disorders (eg. narcolepsy and insomnia) amongst other issues.  She is also the […]