Marvellous scientific social media

I think we can all agree that NASA is pretty awesome*. Additionally to their being involved in brilliant things like shuttles (well…), space stations, rockets, telescopes and other goodness, their engagement with the public (viz. other earthlings) is not bad at all.  They have a website, photo galleries to make one weep, a youtube channel, a twitter stream**, and so on and so forth. But what they don’t have, at least according to one Reid […]

A bit of Friday fun: the Galaxy Song

Monty Python, as is widely known, are the stuff of legend. And, because it’s Friday and one is allowed to let one’s hair/pants/whatever else down, I thought I’d post a little astronomical fun: the Galaxy Song, from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life*. Enjoy, and may your weekend be marvellous :) —————– * Not to be confused with the Meaning of Liff**, although that’s pretty brilliantly funny, too. Some of the words therein have stuck […]

Spongelab: game based learning

I awoke this morning to a rather epic amount of win. Included in this was an email from Spongelab asking if I’d like to register with them.  I did, and I have. For those of you not suffering from attention issues (i.e. who didn’t immediately click on the hyperlink and will never read the rest of this post), Spongelab is a game-based learning community, centred (excitingly) not just around biology, but also around physics.  They […]

Seeing cosmic rays

Like, for real. With the naked eye. Another post courtesy of Josh Bailey*, who has been building cloud chambers and documenting the resulting, well, results. I _meant_ to write on the subject, since it’s so frikkin’ cool, but have been somewhat swamped by other things in which I am involved**. So! Without further ado: —————————— I always find devices that let you observe some basic, not to mention beautiful property of the universe irresistible. And […]

Dr Evil's fondest wish may yet come true

Sharks with frikkin’ laser beams on their foreheads have, until now, seemed a remote possibility*. But in a stunning development, scientists have engineered living cells which are able to _emit laser beams_. Take a moment.  Sit back.  Allow your mind to explode a little. In essence, living cells have been engineered to produce Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) – a jellyfish protein which fluoresces -and, when bathed in weak blue light and helped along with mirrors, […]

The internet in 2015?

Just a quick one today. I came across this video comparing internet stats in 2010 with (projected) internet stats in 2015.  Not surprisingly, NZ doesn’t really have a standout role in the figures shown, but I’m curious: to what extent do we belive these predictions? Do we think NZ will follow suite, and if so, how so?  And with which economic regions? And on a smaller note: while it’s a very pretty infographic movie thing  […]

Physics shorthand

As you may or may not be aware, I have something of a physics Jones. I’ve found the subject interesting ever since school, although I’ll freely admit that my contact therewith has been somewhat intermittent :) Recently, however, and for a slew of reasons, I’ve been getting back into it.  Trying, if nothing else, to fill in my gaping knowledge gaps. While on my trip to the States recently, I got the opportunity to pile […]

Cyborging aimee

UPDATE: moar pics here, here and here. As mentioned, I broke my wrist a few weeks ago. Which caused me no small amount of unhappiness, given that I was soon to be travelling to the San Francisco Bay Area to, well, get my geek on :) Thankfully, I am surrounded by other geeks, with strange and mysterious powers, and it was one of these that suggested that we cyborg me.  Because what else would one […]