nerdnite wellington #6: seriously awesome

UPDATE: Videos from nerdnite 6 are available here Last night was the sixth, _sixth_, nerdnite Wellington. If you remember*, I started nerdnite about a year ago. The event takes place in a bar/pub, and consists of lots of interesting (and interested) people, drinking copious quantities of beer**, and 4 speakers speaking on whatever floats their boat. So far, there’s been a huge range of topics, from witchcraft to bioengineering, from electronic music to cryptic crosswords, […]

Robots and tentacles

For the last year or two, Matthew Dentith has organised twecon. And this year, I decided to take part. Heaven only knows why. After asking people for suggestions about a topic, a number of things kinda melded into one and I decided on ‘Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken’. Yes. And today, it was necessary to _submit_ said tweetage. After thashing my braincells a little, plus a couple of iterations and the advice of […]


    In stillness it rests           ‘Until the latter fires heat the deep’           Tentacles the waveforms of the future           Singularity: reaching out           To enfold.  The end of the world. A bad poem written while trying to write content for this year’s #twecon, my subject being “Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken”. Thank you, Lord Tennyson, too :) UPDATE: the final product 1. Robots […]

don't bother

dear companies spending all that money on tracking my clicks and interests, and advertising to me on the interwebs. don’t bother. honest to god, i don’t even _see_ them anymore :)

She blinded me with science

I’m in a good, if whimsical, mood today. And so, and in the hope of spreading it around (like the weird zombie head cold that’s going around, but better), I thought I’d share a song and accompanying music video. She Blinded Me With Science was released in 1982 by British New Wave musician Thomas Dolby.  It did pretty well in the States, and was #1 for a coupla weeks in Canadia* (huzzah!), but not so […]

pr0n topics

canadian surrealist mobius strip to be updated…