Kermadec adventures: A talk by Tom Trinski (tonight)

I am SO going to this – should be great fun! Kermadec Adventures: A special Blue Wellington event: Dr Tom Trnski of Auckland museum is coming to town! Dr Trnski led the awesome marine survey trip earlier in the year, which found several fish species completely new to science. Come and hear his presentation and learn about the voyage’s amazing discoveries, Wednesday 24 August, starting 6pm at Meow.   Meow Cafe, 9 Edward Street, Wellington […]

Plucky young New Zealanders to undertake Mongol Rally

“Far out!” say friends and loved ones.   aimee ‘oh dear, her again’ whitcroft and Dane ‘finn’ Foster are, it would appear, going to be undertaking the legendarily ludicrous Mongol Rally next year. Naming themselves ‘Lemur Attack Force’, they will be powering (slowly) across 16,000km – 1/3 of the earth’s surface – in a car one would be worried about driving very far outside of Wellington From London in the west to Ulan Bator (capital […]

HTML5 + molecular visulations = win

Today I was looking into HTML5 (as one does), when I came across an incredible site: CANVASMOL. HTML5 is the newest incarnation of HTML (the language in which large bits of the web are written*).  What has people extremely excited about it is that one no longer needs to embed things like video players in website if one is writing in HTML5.  Such functionalities are built in.  Which is why Apple devices don’t currently support, […]

How deep is the snow at your place?

The NIWA peeps are well curious about the nigh-on unprecedented amount of frozen precipitation (read: snow) falling all over NZ. In Wellington, and as we speak: it’s snowing _in_ the CBD and also at sea level (Greta Point, for example).  This is pretty darned unusual*.  And the scientists are keen to get some data, from all of you, all over New Zealand!  Herewith the blurb: How much snow is there at your place? In real […]

qotumblr: thespitfireemporium: ornamentedbeing: Topless dueling? I know it’s a long text but it’s wo

qotumblr: thespitfireemporium: ornamentedbeing: Topless dueling? I know it’s a long text but it’s worth the read! “The most intriguing duel fought between women, and the sole one that featured exposed breasts, took place in August 1892 in Verduz, the capitol of Liechtenstein, between Princess Pauline Metternich and the Countess Kielmannsegg. It has gone down in history as the first “emancipated duel” because all parties involved, including the principals and their seconds were female… Before the proceedings began, […]

spacepr0n: the Discovery's cockpit

A quickie, but a fantastic one nonetheless. During its decomissioning, the Space Shuttle Discovery had one of those cool 360 degree virtual photos done, which means one can browse around the cockpit* and look at everything.  As if you were there, but minus the uncomfortable spacesuit. Discovery was the third shuttle to join NASA’s fleet – it did so in 1983 – and had such awesome achievements as being the shuttle which lifted the Hubble […]

Mining the moon

This popped up in one of the legion of email newsletters I generally fail to do anything other with than skim. It’s a video in which Barney Pell (successful entrepreneur and former NASA engineer) pitches the new venture with which he’s involved – Moon Express – and why going to the moon makes economic sense. In a nutshell?  Minerals, including platinum.  If you’re interested in the short, 2 min pitch, it’s available on the Forbes […]

Introducing a new blog: ariadne (a foresight blog)

Honestly, what is there to say at this point? Sciblogs just keeps getting more awesome. The newest foal to be welcomed to our fold is Robert Hickson, who will be penning the fantastically classically-named ‘ariadne: a foresight blog‘. He’s going to be doing a spot of foresighting. Some scrying, sort of. Focusing primarily(but not exclusively) on emerging science- and technology-related issues, and particularly as they apply to New Zealand. Robert, welcome. We’re thoroughly looking forward […]