Find value of your name!

The newest installment in my ‘I get the best spam’ series is this one, featured below. From the fractured English I was able to twist from Google Translate, it appeared to be an invitation to join a google group, for the purposes of discovering my genealogy and so forth. In fact, the website to which it links (which is kinda pretty, actually) says the following: “Find out the value of your name, as well as […]

Competition(ish): it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science

A phrase oft-uttered, in anything from a restrained growl to an infuriated scream, by my partner. Who works with those strange computery things, and the networks connecting them, every day. A phrase he uttered once again today, while we were chatting through another of our favourite phrases ‘science, bitches!’* Which led us to a wonderful idea!  We think the phrase it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science (add any emphasis of your choosing) is ripe […]

Earth Now – near real-time, map-based climate data from JPL

Gosh, but this is gorgeous. Admittedly, I have a jones for data.  And for maps, too*. And NASA/JPL** and their work.   All of which means that Earth Now, a recently-released iPhone/iPod/iPad app from JPL, is my idea of phonepr0n. It shows, on an interactive model of earth, various overlays for various types of near-real time data, coming from NASA’s plethora of Earth science satellites.  Types of overlay include gravity field (shown above), carbon dioxide, […]

Petridish – the new kid on the science crowdfunding block

Welcome, dear readers, to the most recent foray into the new, and very exciting*, world of crowdfunded science/research: Petridish. Launched in early March, the platform’s still pretty new. Currently, though, there are 9 projects up, primarily covering critter-related projects, but not exclusively. Examples include looking into preserving the culture(s) of climate refugees, helping to find the first exomoon, and capturing (for the first time) the sounds of deep sea creatures.   Petridish vs #SciFund Last […]

The sound of pi – delicious, delicious pi

Yesterday was Pi Day. It’s celebrated each year on March 14th – or 3/14, of course – with Pi Approximation Day then being held on July 22nd. And on these days, we get to appreciate this most marvellous of numbers. While many (rather funny, I’ll admit) pie/pi-related jokes, puns and slices of humour were thrown around the internet, there was an awful lot of beautiful content generated and shared and remembered, too. My favourite?  This […]

Quiet! I was talking!

Because there simply aren’t enough real problems which science could tackle, Japanese scientists have unleashed the newest weapon in the war for airspace in a conversation.   Yes, ladies and gentlemen: allow me to introduce the SpeechJammer.  In essence, a directional mic takes a recording of what the sinning conversationalist is saying, and the plays it back to them with a direction-sensitive speaker, with a delay of 2 (or so) hundred milliseconds. 0.2 seconds, in […]

Science animation evolves another step

Well, it branches further out, at the very least. My feeds threw up a wonderful post by Carin Bondar (PsiVid) today. Animation student Tyler Rhodes wanted to produce an animation of evolution which was true to the spirit of the process itself – judging by the final product, he succeeded! Rhodes’ starting point for all of this was a simple drawing of a salamander.  He then had 5 groups of primary school children simulate evolution, […]