#webstock tweetage

Hooray for the internets! Most appropriately, during Jeremy Keith (@adactio)’s talk about, amongst other things, trying to keep and store as much data/information as we can, and not letting the internet forget as easily as it might, I’ve set up an archive of #webstock (webstock conference) tweets. It’s being updated every five minutes, and is running off a Google spreadsheet macro-type thingummy.  It’s also publicly available here. The ‘Dashboard‘ tab (bottom of the spreadsheet/workbook) gives […]

AltWiki – the day Wikipedia went dark

  Today, as Wikipedia went dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA, and people all over the world found themself screaming ‘arg, no infomation!’, the Washington Post, Guardian and NPR stepped in to answer people’s questions, via the #altwiki hashtag. And a number of people with access to old-fashioned resources like, well, encyclopaedias. An interactive visualisation of the #altwiki tweets is available here (I may be tempted to do some analysis after the fact, mmmm […]