Spellbinding: Computers Watching Movies

Artist Benjamin Grosser has done some utterly fascinating – given us a new perspective on, well, our perception by showing us how computers ‘watch’ movies. The outcome is stunning. Each movie used – from Taxi Driver to The Matrix, Space 2001 to American Beauty – shows a strikingly different pattern. They come from software, written by Grosser, which illustrates how a computer ‘watches’ a movie in realtime. You can see where the computer focuses – […]

Shaming Lassie

I’m not sure if you’re familiar or not with the hilariously wonderful site Dogshaming. —– Now that you’re back here, having just spent an hour giggling at it, welcome! My partner and I don’t yet have our herd (or pack, whatever) of dogs*, so I’ve offered up another image instead. Lassie. Because, well**, she just kept letting Timmy fall down things! Naughty Lassie :P * That day has been hastened by Dogshaming. We wants the […]

Kilts and unicorns

Yesterday, I found out two wonderful, astounding things. First: one of Scotland’s two national animals is the unicorn*.  Yes, folks, you heard me correctly – a nation known for being mad and extremely hardcore, has as one of its representatives a creature now seen in some of the naffest art in human history :P Secondly, and for a reason I cannot fathom – there is no easily findable art in which kilts have been put […]

Real-life anime eyes

One of the hallmarks of the Japanese anime/manga illustration style is the massively enlarged eyes of the characters*. Certainly, it’s on the key hallmarks differentiating the characters from normal human beings. And now, even that distinction’s disappearing. Ukrainian Anastasiya Shpagina has figured out how to do it, using only the Magic of Makeup. In the video below, she shows how to do what people have only previously been able to do with Photoshop and suchlike… […]

voodoo woman, the first iterations

I’ve very recently (the last day or two) taken up therapeutic colouring-in. Basically, whenever I feel like throwing something through or at something or someone, I spend a bit of time colouring in a picture. And it’s working! Anyhoo, herewith some of my first iterations.     Original illustration courtesy of the Color Ink Book (which is this awesome art periodical which provides lots of black and white DIY illustrations. Buy it!).

nerd nite 10: Of the Strange, the Alien and the Device

Well, I know have a full linup and details for nerd nite Wellington #10, which is happening this Monday, 23rd April, from 6pm at Hotel Bristol. Details are already available on the nerd nite Wellington website, Facebook page etc, but I figured I’d share them here, too :) I’ve changed the format a little and will only be having three speakers from now on, but this one promises to be a good’un, covering quantum mechanics […]

TOSP Episode 21: February 21st 2012

[Original post on the Sciblogs The Official Sciblogs Podcast site] We’re back!  And with a minimum of difficulties this week :) This week, Elf and aimee talk of a new soft motor, ROBOBEES, a teeeeeensy chameleon (squee!), hacking yoghurt, some very ancient art, ROBOBEES, investing in yourself, knitting needles and water bubbles and space, quantum computing for beginners, sequencing genomes on a USB stick-sized device (!!!!) and ROBOBEES. PODCAST HERE [Did you know you can […]

But is it art?

UPDATE: The expression, as it may not have been clear, is ‘but is it art?’ There’s an expression I grew up with, and which was often chortled, in an appropriate accent, when I was growing up*. It was also widely spoken by the people I hung out with at university (I was generally the only science one – most were working ‘creatives’, or studying such things as film). And, due today to the newest design […]

When art meets science – Wireless in your World

This is what happens when art and science get together and make very beautiful motion infographic babies. We’re used to the idea that we’re surrounded by wifi networks (well, I hope we are).  Still, have you ever actually tried to visual them all, and how they surround you and overlap with each other? I’ve not, to be honest.  Something about which I’m now slightly embarassed. Anyhoo, someone else has! Designer Timo Arnall has made a […]

Art and science – a good pairing?

Would the metaphorical offspring of art and science be better than their parents, mediocre, or oxygen thieves? This is the basis the discussion currently being held on the New Scientists website (yay, you guys are awesome).  They’ve written not only an editorial on the subject, but assembled the viewpoints (with more still to come, I believe) of a unmber of extremely interesting people who might have a viewpoint on the subject. My first thought when […]