Kilts and unicorns

Yesterday, I found out two wonderful, astounding things. First: one of Scotland’s two national animals is the unicorn*.  Yes, folks, you heard me correctly – a nation known for being mad and extremely hardcore, has as one of its representatives a creature now seen in some of the naffest art in human history :P Secondly, and for a reason I cannot fathom – there is no easily findable art in which kilts have been put […]

Competition(ish): it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science

A phrase oft-uttered, in anything from a restrained growl to an infuriated scream, by my partner. Who works with those strange computery things, and the networks connecting them, every day. A phrase he uttered once again today, while we were chatting through another of our favourite phrases ‘science, bitches!’* Which led us to a wonderful idea!  We think the phrase it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science (add any emphasis of your choosing) is ripe […]