Graphic: Magnitude 5+ earthquakes this year (in NZ)

UPDATE: See bottom of post for updated graphic, as of 26 July 2013 I’ve just made my first ever data visualisation :) Spurred by this morning’s nasty bump near Wellington, and because I love me the learning of the new skills, I’ve made the graphic below. Using data I sucked down from geonet, it shows quakes of magnitude 5 or over which have happened in NZ this year. As you can see, it shows when […]

The best view yet of earth's gravity

As a general rule of thumb, I find that anything science-related which makes me shout ‘squeee’ may be something about which I should consider posting. And so, today, I thought I’d share just such a thing. The European Space Agency (ESA) has just released our best map yet of the earth’s gravity, in the form of a ‘geoid’*: what the surface of our ocean might look like under the influence solely of gravity, without the […]

QuaDror – could this be useful for Christchurch?

On combing the interwebs today for the SMC’s weekly newsletter, I came across something incredible: the QuaDror. It’s a structural support system which, says the website: is a new space truss geometry that unfolds manifold design initiatives and can adapt to various conditions and configurations. Gizmodo has this to say about it: It has more structural strength, both horizontally and vertically, than a traditional A-frame, though it can be folded totally flat for economical shipping. […]