Some of the most appalling drivel I’ve ever seen

I generally stay out of the whole Creationist argument (well, on my blog at least). Let me be clear – I am an atheist.  Very staunchly so.  But other people write far better and far more cogently than I on the clash between creationism and science, and I’m quite happy to let them do so. So today’s post will be a short one, and I will do my best to refrain from ranting. I am […]

The new wizard of the west

I have discovered, to my enormous sadness, that many people are unaware of the existence or work of Nikola Tesla, the ‘electric Jesus’ who pioneered the modern system of AC (alternating current) we now use*. And, in an effort to help rectify this situation, I’d like to present the following article, taken from an 1899 edition of Pearson’s Magazine.  It was passed to me by a friend, who in turn got it from another friend’s […]

Smart agents for smart grids: an application of game theory

No, it’s not a reference to spies who can park well.  Or something. It’s about electrical smart grids.  And how we might get the best out of them.  But I think some explanation is in order first – hell, I know I had to do some research before being able to explain it… Firstly, what is a smart grid?  Well, it’s not like a smart meter.  Smart meters, the subject of much discussion in the […]