Ulan Bator’s geoengineering scheme is THAT cool

Originally syndicated from the Lemur Attack Force blog (I’m doing the Mongol Rally next year, and we could use YOUR help!) As you quite possibly know, Ulan Bator is the capital of Mongolia. And, given that it’s going to suffer from the continentality effect as a result of its location (clue – it’s very landlocked and on a very big continent, amongst other things), one might expect it experiences extremes in weather, including very cold […]

Dark say what now?

Dark energy.  Dark matter.  Anti-matter.  Que? Yes, I know it looks like it’s some sort of puzzle, and the next in the series is anti-energy or some such thing.  But nope, it’s not.  And for anyone who’s familiar with these concepts (or adept at using Wiki), feel free to stop reading now. The reason for this post is to explain the basic differences between these three phenomena.  Why?  Because I’m going to keep making mention […]