Thoughts on using people to get into restaurants

I’ve not blogged for a while (sorry!), and today I’m going to do something a little different. I’m NOT going to blog about science*. Instead, I’m going to write down my feelings on why I don’t particularly think what this lady has been up to, is particularly awesome. And I’m going to be coming from a humanist/feminist perspective. Bear with me – I don’t normally do this, so it’s something of an experiment :) Firstly, […]

Fireflies, luuurve and NASA

In this newest animated video from fellow Sciblogger Siouxsie Wiles (Infectious Thoughts) explains how fireflies* use bioluminescence to find love (or the firefly equivalent), and, well, food. And it then goes on to explain how the chemical reaction used to produce that light, can be exploited to help us test for bacterial presence.  In your kitchen.  On your mobile phone.  In your food. And in spacecraft assembly.  Watch the video to figure out why that’s […]

Cooking: where science and art already meet

I come from an extremely foody family. I’ve always explained it to people as follows: “you know that place in their hearts where fundamentalist religious people keep their god?  That’s where my parents keep food’. So yes.  And I now find myself living in a particularly foody city (Wellington has, apparently, the highest number of eateries per capita in the world), and with a flatmate who is also, well, you get the point*.  And it’s […]

All kinds of trippy goodness – food as scanned by MRI

Hah!  Still alive!  (Possibly) A little bit of very intriguing strangeness today.  And yes, a brief post too.  Still, the amount of time spent watching this in fascination should hopefully make up for that. Some very interesting person took a bunch of different foods, and bunged them into an MRI scanner.  For the fun of it.  And to see what would happen.  And it’s mad!  And quite strange.  And very beautiful.  And it moooooves.  Hypnotically […]

The cost of Christmas dinner

In more of the spirit of things festive, Stats NZ have released a series of data looking at the cost of two different types of NZ Christmas dinner, both this year and in previous years. (No, rabbit is not on the menu) And, because I enjoy graphing, I thought I’d take some of the data and make pretty pictures with it. (Note: data based on consumption of a family of 4 – two adults, two […]