Introducing a new blog: Priority One

Rejoice!  For we present unto you another blog! Jennifer Nickel will be penning Priority One.  Her reason? She feels not enough attention is paid to health – neither ours, nor that of the planet on which we live. And, given her expertise in the area, she hopes to dispel some of the misconceptions and misinformation on the subject. Welcome, Jennifer!  We look forward to your sharing your knowledge with us :)

Introducing a new blog: Infectious Thoughts

And, we have another! We’re pleased as punch (and various other expressions of joy) to introduce our newest blogger, Siouxsie Wiles, to all of you. She’ll be penning Infectious Thoughts, a blog devoted to skepticism, debunking pseudoscientific medical claims, and other forms of clear thinking.  No doubt, it’ll be covering other subjects too, given that Siouxie is an expert in bioluminescence ‘n stuff. Welcome, Siouxie! [And stay tuned for the introduction of a third new […]

Go forth! Make friends!

Or, why having a social network is very good for you.  Really. Yes, fine, I’m biased.  I admit it.  I see no harm in the burgeoning everywhereness of social media and stuff.  And I think having friends is awesomely important. As far as I’m concerned, the more friends we have, and the more people to whom we’re connected, the less isolated we feel.  Which is good.  It’s more difficult to condone a war against people […]

Incredible infographic: the evidence for health supplements

To paraphrase: not much, and what there is is often conflicting. So says a fantastic new infographic from my favourite data visualisation prOn website, Information Is Beautiful.  Even better, the graphic is actually interactive,  which means you can have a look at individual conditions, from sex to cancer and plenty in between, and split it down by type of supplement as well. And, for those who’re interested, it would appear that there’s nothing you can […]

Drink up! Beer benefits bones…

I can hear the whoops of joy emanating around the world.  Joined, of course, by mine. For years, we’ve known that a glass or two of the vino has its benefits.  However, I’ve never heard of anything particularly beneficial coming as a result of drinking beer (apart from general joi de vivre, of course). But now, praise be, this time has come to an end.  Researchers have discovered* that beer is good for bone mineral […]