A Perfectly Archetypical Title for This Journal

Wow, the weather’s foul. And it’s enfoulenating the moods of many, I imagine. So a brief, funsy Friday frivolity :P From the Pipeline column, a list of The Perfect Papers For Each Journal. Some of my favourites include: For Science: “People Only Read One or Two Papers Out of Any Issue of This Journal, and This Isn’t One of Them, is It?” For the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: “Big Pharma Here, With a Gigantic Flaming […]

Overly honest scientists

Ahhhh, scientists.  As I’ve mentioned before, they can, indeed, actually be amusing. Shock, horror, etc… /waits for people to get back onto their chairs Right, so, just quickly, two amusing topics from the last few days, both on the subject of being, well, overly honest.   overly honest cover letter ‘Tis a busy time of year for some, as people start to switch, or consider switching, jobs and/or careers. And so, from the Kiwihorizons blog, […]

Shaming Lassie

I’m not sure if you’re familiar or not with the hilariously wonderful site Dogshaming. —– Now that you’re back here, having just spent an hour giggling at it, welcome! My partner and I don’t yet have our herd (or pack, whatever) of dogs*, so I’ve offered up another image instead. Lassie. Because, well**, she just kept letting Timmy fall down things! Naughty Lassie :P * That day has been hastened by Dogshaming. We wants the […]

Why DID the chicken cross the road?!

Why did the chicken cross the road? No, despite what some think, it’s neither the oldest* nor the worst joke of all time. Hell, it’s not even a joke – it’s an anti-joke.   In this awesome video, YouTube Channel VSauce’s** Michael Stevens looks at the world’s most famous anti-joke, explaining WHY it’s so interesting. Featuring anti-joke cat, ancient Sumerian fart jokes and Death Clocks, amongst other things. Also featuring a computational theory of humour. […]

Turning octopus gestures into speech

I’m sure that anyone who’s ever watched an octopus wasn’t in the slightest bit confused today when news broke that octopuses* are, in fact, conscious. But: ever wondered what octopuses are _saying_ when they languidly wave their tentacles at us? Well, the video below has an answer for you :P (A big thanks to @The_Episiarch for drawing it to my attention) For anyone who’d like to go and hang out with an octopus or several, […]

Competition(ish): it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science

A phrase oft-uttered, in anything from a restrained growl to an infuriated scream, by my partner. Who works with those strange computery things, and the networks connecting them, every day. A phrase he uttered once again today, while we were chatting through another of our favourite phrases ‘science, bitches!’* Which led us to a wonderful idea!  We think the phrase it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science (add any emphasis of your choosing) is ripe […]


http://xkcd.com/888/ best.  mouseover.  text.  ever.  “If you’ve never had sex, this is what it feels like. Complete with the brief feeling of satisfaction, followed by ennui, followed by getting bored and trying to make it happen again.”

Giant Jenga

Giant jenga.  As played with Gold. Collapse Wanna see the Final Collapse?  Go here!