So you think science is hogwash?

I think this piece almost perfectly sums up why I struggle not to become Quiet and Sarcastic* with anti-science people.   You stare into your high definition plasma screen monitor, type into your cordless keyboard then hit enter which causes your computer to convert all that visual data into a binary signal that’s processed by millions of precise circuits, which is then converted to a frequency modulated singal to reach you wireless router where it […]

Filthy foreigner Pt II: Another letter

Having received the fantastic news yesterday that New Zealand’s Immigration Department has kindly acceded to my wish to stay in this country, as a resident, I now present further funny reference letters from my mad friends. No, these weren’t the ones I actually sent to the ID.  I’m not entirely sure they know what a sense of humour is… —————————— Dear imigrationz, Plz let aimee stay in New Zealand cuz she is teh awesome!She iz […]