Beyond 2020

I admit it, I’m a sucker for future scenarios. No, not necessarily because I think they’re accurate (or expect them to be!), but because they can exercise the mind wonderfully, reveal much about our present.  The best science-fiction is like this, too :) And yes, sometimes, they can absolutely be useful in preparing for the future. And it is with this in mind that I present the latest offering from MindBullets, founded by compatriot Wolfgang […]

Mindbullets goodness: The Avatar Wars

Does anyone else out there read Mind Bullets? If not, I’d thoroughly recommend it.  Or else wait for me to occasionally post on it (when it’s appropriate to this forum).  The most recent post certainly is. Mind Bullets, for the uninitiated, is part of the FutureWorlds network.  Basically, a bunch of really interesting people like to cast their minds into the future and write about possible scenarios.  It’s a mental exercise, but one involving futurism.  […]