Introducing a new blogger: Shaken Not Stirred

Man, what a week! We are most proud and yayfull to be introducing our second new blog this wee: Shaken Not Stirred (first post up in about 15 minutes). To be penned by Jesse Dykstra, who’s down south at Canterbury University, it’ll be focusing on natural hazards.  Of which New Zealand is full.  And also disaster management, of which, happily, NZ is less in need. Whew. Of course, it won’t just be focussed on NZ, […]

Why GeoNet rocks my world

Last week, my colleague Dacia and I were fortunate enough to go out to Avalon to meet Ken Gledhill and Kevin Fenaughty, two of the people involved in GeoNet. The website will be one familiar to many Kiwis – a GNS initiative, it is the  public face of a project which aims to collect data for all the various natural hazards which can, and do, occur in New Zealand: from earthquakes to tsunamis to volcanoes […]