nerd nite 10: Of the Strange, the Alien and the Device

Well, I know have a full linup and details for nerd nite Wellington #10, which is happening this Monday, 23rd April, from 6pm at Hotel Bristol. Details are already available on the nerd nite Wellington website, Facebook page etc, but I figured I’d share them here, too :) I’ve changed the format a little and will only be having three speakers from now on, but this one promises to be a good’un, covering quantum mechanics […]

nerdnite wellington #6: seriously awesome

UPDATE: Videos from nerdnite 6 are available here Last night was the sixth, _sixth_, nerdnite Wellington. If you remember*, I started nerdnite about a year ago. The event takes place in a bar/pub, and consists of lots of interesting (and interested) people, drinking copious quantities of beer**, and 4 speakers speaking on whatever floats their boat. So far, there’s been a huge range of topics, from witchcraft to bioengineering, from electronic music to cryptic crosswords, […]

I'm back!

I have, once again, been remiss in my blogging. To those who noticed: my most humble of apologies.  Rest assured the self-flagellation in this respect has been more than adequate.  To those who didn’t: um, yes.  At least you were saved any potential pain and/or horror at the situation.  And, hopefully, I once more have a little bit of time for blogging occasionally. So, what have I been doing that’s had me so distracted?!  A […]

Wellington geeks/nerds: jooooooooiiiiiin uuuuuuus

Anyone who watches my twitter stream *snort* can now breathe: the details of the plotting mentioned can now be made public. Brian Calhoun (SilverStripe) and I have decided to band bravely together in a novel, nerdy enterprise.  Sort of.  More an event, really.  And we need your help, and the help of everyone you know.  Think of this as a clarion call1. More details before you commit, you say?  Not a problem, we reply! It’s […]