An exhortation to Research Bloggers

Good morning everyone, and welcome. As those of you who are part of Research Blogging are likely aware (following a missive that should have appeared in your inbox in the last few hours), voting has opened to choose the winners of the Research Blogging Awards 2010. And this is where the exhortation bit comes in: do go have a look at the nominations.  Particularly in the categories in which David and I were nominated.  And, […]

I'm a Research Blogging Awards finalist!

Bizarre, I know.  O_o In the category ‘best blog – chemistry, physics or astronomy‘.  And I’m a newbie… No one’s confessed to nominating me, though. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea they existed, let alone that I had been nominated, until fellow Sciblogger David Winter popped up on chat this morning to say congratulations. David’s also a nominee, in the category ‘best lay-level blog‘.  Nicely done, David! So, to my mysterious fan(s), thanks […]