TOSP Episode 2: September 19th 2011

[Original post on the Sciblogs The Official Sciblogs Podcast site] UPDATE: Youtube now at bottom of page. Including glow-in-the-dark kittehs, wisdom of the crowds, polio, jellyfish, robots and SO MUCH MORE. * Ahem * This week, aimee and Elf continue our roundup of things which made us go ‘squeee’ in the preceding week. We’d like to apologise for this week’s podcast: between aimee’s sniffles (and her brain having turned to mucous) and Elf having hurt […]

Why science denial is so very dangerous

I heart TED – something to which I’m sure I’ve confessed in past. This morning, I got a fantastic email with some of the latest talks to be posted on TED. While they’re all (of course) brilliant, I’ll make special mention of a talk, entitled ‘The danger of science denial‘, by New Yorker writer Michael Specter.  Not himself someone with a science background, he talks about how researching stories led him to be at first […]

Living with robots – don’t panic

Yes, that was indeed an H2G2* reference.  I sneak ‘em in whenever I can… Asimo, by Honda This is just a short post to point you all in the direction of a marvellous little video put together by the makers of Asimo.  And various cars and bikes over the years. In it, Honda** talks to a number of very interesting poeple, some of whom work in its robotics division, about the past of robotics, how […]

Introducing Shady, or, how to get a robot to do what a blind can

The last couple of days have felt particularly roboty.Why, you ask? Well, I shall be posting one some of the things that came across my tech-strewn desk, and I’ll introduce the mini-topic with this one. Shady.Cast your mind back to a hot, sunny day. …