Astonishing documentary: Secret Life – the Hidden Life of the Cell

If there’s one thing you watch today (well, other than wall-to-wall coverage of The Hobbit* and perhaps some videos of sorting algorithms explained through folk dance), it needs to be this. Secret Universe – The Hidden Life Of the Cell from pbbes on Vimeo. In this astonishing hour-long BBC documentary released just a month ago, David Tennant narrates the story of what happens when our basic components – cells – come under attach from a […]

Germs, germs, everywhere (but what is one to think?)

Having very recently been laid flat with an entree of pharyngitis and a side order of tonsillitis, I thought I’d attack again the subject of germs, viruses and bacteria. Note: Anyone with a microbiological background may well want to skip this post:  it’s aimed at the non-experts among us.  You know, the people at whom all those terrible anti-all-lifeforms-in-your-home ads are aimed :) So yes, a primer! Bacteria First up: bacteria.  Bacteria are tiny little […]

Shrodinger's tobacco mosaic virus

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Shrodinger’s Cat, the infamous quantum-mechanical thought experiment (apparently, it was first posited as a sort of laughing attempt to put in real terms some of quantum mechanics’ more…interesting…theories). We…