Infographic: Buying an iPad 3

A fascinating infographic from research firm AYTM Research (Ask Your Target Market) looks at who is likely to buy the soon-to-be-released iPad 3, and why they might do so.

Some of my favourite stats? Far more people are likely to buy this as their first iPad, than as their next one [herroooo market penetration!].

Also, people like apps and, hilariously (but it makes sense!), iPads are used most lying on the couch :) Or in bed :)

And the big thing that users feel is missing?  A Flash Player (Adobe keeps threatening to release a version of Air that can handle iOS devices, but doesn’t appear to have done so yet.  So, currently, unless one jailbreaks one’s iPad, Flash is tricky)*.

Anyway, to the methodology. Two surveys were conducted: one of 2,000 iPad-less Americans, and one of 500 iPadded ‘Mericans. Both were conducted in February 2012. And the part of the study looking at iPad owners is available from AYTM as a full interactive stats report.

UPDATE: You can fill in a 3 question survey here on whether or not you’ll get an iPad 3? Why? Because I’m interested in non-US stats, and this breaks down stats geographically :) Further UPDATE: AYTM’s got in touch with me and pointed me (and you, dear readers!) to this new version of their survey, aimed at understanding international patterns. Sadly, though, it doesn’t seem to break things down by country…

via Mashable.


* Based on my admittedly-imperfect knowledge.

Courtesy of AYTM Research



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