Introducing a new blog: ariadne (a foresight blog)

Honestly, what is there to say at this point? Sciblogs just keeps getting more awesome. The newest foal to be welcomed to our fold is Robert Hickson, who will be penning the fantastically classically-named ‘ariadne: a foresight blog‘. He’s going to be doing a spot of foresighting. Some scrying, sort of. Focusing primarily(but not exclusively) […]

Robots and tentacles

For the last year or two, Matthew Dentith has organised twecon. And this year, I decided to take part. Heaven only knows why. After asking people for suggestions about a topic, a number of things kinda melded into one and I decided on ‘Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken’. Yes. And today, it was […]


    In stillness it rests           ‘Until the latter fires heat the deep’           Tentacles the waveforms of the future           Singularity: reaching out           To enfold.  The end of the world. A bad poem written while trying to write content for this year’s #twecon, my subject […]

She blinded me with science

I’m in a good, if whimsical, mood today. [youtube][/youtube] And so, and in the hope of spreading it around (like the weird zombie head cold that’s going around, but better), I thought I’d share a song and accompanying music video. She Blinded Me With Science was released in 1982 by British New Wave musician Thomas […]