You’ve arrived at the place containing the various and sometimes frenetic ramblings of aimee whitcroft (@teh_aimee). Welcome. Please don’t be afraid – I’m really not all that scary. I promise.

Well, what to say?  I’ve got a varied background in things like genetics, microbiology, a bit of neuroscience (molecular), business/management strategy, marketing/branding and, most recently science communication and web. I’ve a short attention span, endless interest in the world around me, and an ability to enthuse, all of which help me bore (or entertain, depending on your perspective) people to death at dinner parties.

In addition to my day job, I’m:

  • founder/host of the first Southern Hemisphere nerd nite chapter (nerdnite.com or wellington.nerdnite.com)
  • the person behind IdeaForge.io, a website dedicated to connecting ideas, skills and resources
  • co-founder, former admin/deputy editor and still contributor to Australasia’s largest science blogging network, Sciblogs
  • co-founder and former host of The Official Sciblogs Podcast (sciblogs.co.nz/tosp)

…and learning to play the banjo. Ish. And maybe code Python.

In July/August 2012, I drove the Mongol Rally as half (although full driver) of Lemur Attack Force – it’s one of the madder charity events out there :) We’re posting up details of the madness on the blog, here.

I also have a  mad orange motorbike, yet to be named (my third so far). I started riding after we got back from the Rally – my adventures are (sometimes) faithfully recorded at mymotocyclette.tumblr.com.

Of course, it need not be said (but I shall anyway) that anything written on this blog is my view, _not_ the view of my employers or, in fact, of any organisation with which I am involved.

Some of my original writings can be found here.

Oh yeah, and you can follow me (on Twitter, at least) at @teh_aimee. And on  google+.


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