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IdeaForge: the NEW engine of creation

It’s possible some of you have noticed I’ve not been around much recently. For which I am sorry – I miss blogging about sciencely things on a regular basis…

What science becomes news?

A question almost constantly on the minds of (well, most, I guess) science communicators is:

“Is this piece of research newsworthy? Will anyone CARE about it, and read what I…

Spellbinding: Computers Watching Movies

Artist Benjamin Grosser has done some utterly fascinating – given us a new perspective on, well, our perception by showing us how computers ‘watch’ movies.

The outcome is stunning. Each…

Academic kindness

The academic world can be a harsh mistress, as anyone who’s been anywhere near it knows. Not only can it feel like your colleagues are out to get you,…

New Study

This was just too good not to share :P

Of course, remember to go check out the original for the always-excellent mouseover sotto voce!