Introducing a new blog: Digging the Dirt

Sciblogs just keeps on truckin’, man*. At this rate, it’s possible we may, at some point, assimilate _all_ the science bloggers.  Who will give in willingly, because putting up any kind of fight would be completely useless :)** And so, we would love to introduce to you all Brigid Gallagher, who will be penning Digging the Dirt. Brigid’s an archaeologist trained in Conservation.  While you may be most familiar with her as one of the […]

Stonehenge built as ancient memory storage device?

Stonehenge is something of an enduring mystery.  We’ve been fascinated by the how and why of it, and both dimensions have seen their fair share of possible explanations. For an interesting explanation of how, have a look here: I remember seeing this on the Discovery channel a few years back, and being struck at how much simpler it was than some of the other explanations I’ve heard over the years. As for why?  Well, people […]