Fantastic data vis of US language differences

As with all countries, large OR small, there are going to be variations in dialect and pronunciation. Given its size and history, one would expect the US to have some pretty fantastic ones. And it does! PhD (Statistics) student Joshua Katz hasjust published a fantastic set of data visualisations from a linguistic survey of how Americans pronounce words. You can check out the rest, which look at words like ‘been’, ‘carmel/caramel’, and a whole bunch […]

Sciencey goodness Pt I

Sometimes I am able to write posts on Friday.  Sometimes not. At least part of the reason for this is that I spend my Thursday afternoons and Fridays (or at least parts thereof) research for and writing the SMC weekly newsletter.  Which is awesome. And you should sign up!  Why?  Because it’s well interesting, of course.  Peter Griffin, also of the SMC, writes the feature articlets for it, and I get the fun of doing […]