In which I join the 'hello readers!' meme

And it’s not just a cheerful greeting, either. Rather, it’s an encouragement for our blogs’ readers to step forward, say hi, and introduce themselves. Started, well, multiple times in various ways, the most recent instance thereof is superhero science blogger** Ed Yong resurrecting his own meme.  ‘Cause you can do that when you’re kickass. Anyway, since then the clarion call has been picked up by the legendary Carl Zimmer, fellow Research Blogging Awards 2010 finalist […]

The Open Laboratory – the best science blogging around

Now this is a fantastic project. Even better, it’s been going since 2006!Called Open Lab (or The Open Laboratory, in book form), it’s a collection of the best science blogging on the net. Each year, some 50-53 posts are selected from the hundreds sen…


A quick note…The reason I’ve been absent the last little while is because of this marvellous thing, on which we’ve been working (real) hard the last few weeks. Yes, the SMC presents Sciblogs.* fanfare *Note: it launches officially on Wed, which means…