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TOSP Episode 7: October 25th 2011

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Featuring (very) bright sparks, biomimicry and flight, Dance Your PhD, NASA inventions, carbon nano-onions, Iceland’s renewable internet, spider silk, zoned-out rats, forecasting with Twitter, autistic facial characteristics, a new superconductivity, the geek book list, Tell Us A Story 2011 winners, and the economics of milk.

Also featuring some Interesting Things, including a comment on a paper showing how cats lap water…

Elf and aimee had fun this week.  _Extra_ fun, give that Elf is away for the next two podcasts (*sniff*). However, we have Chelfyn Baxter of the g33k show to fill in for him!


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Brightsparks competition - voting open!

Bio-Inspired Bug Evolves

Check out the winners of this year’s Dance Your PhD Competition

Curiosity “10 NASA Inventions You Might Use Every Day”

Carbon Nano-onions for Imaging the Life Cycle of Drosophila Melanogaster

Can Iceland’s Renewables Power the Web?

Nanoconfinement of Spider Silk Fibrils Begets Superior Strength, Extensibility, and Toughness

Zoned-out rats may give clue to consciousness

Spies to use Twitter as crystal ball

Autistic facial characteristics identified

Physicists Unveil New Kind of Superconductivity



What books do you think geeks should read?

Just So Storytelling – Tell Us a Story 2011 Winners

Milk milk everywhere but not a drop to drink




Other interesting things

Evolution of a new enzyme for carbon disulphide conversion by an acidothermophilic archaeon

Comment on “How Cats Lap: Water Uptake by Felis catus”





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