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TOSP Episode 19: January 30th 2012

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Greetings, podcast audience of ours!

This week’s podcast was supposed to be slightly shorter than usual, but then Elf and aimee got into a Discussion or two. There may have been some slight ranting :)

We cover the human brain connectome (peeeerdy), awesome urchin-like nanospheres, a NZ critter app, the world’s first iridescent mammal, a medical/bioinformative challenge, science and weight loss, ranting discussion on the place of scientists these days, and critical thinking. And some events :)

Fun, in other words!


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Human Brain Connectome

Template-free Formation of Uniform Urchin-like α-FeOOH Hollow Spheres with Superior Capability for Water Treatment

App Store - NZ Fauna

World’s First Iridescent Mammal Discovered



Medical bioinformatics / genomics challenge

Science and Weight Loss

Science and Weight Loss -Day 2

A physicist’s lament

Critical thinking – a classroom resource




Other interesting things

Reusable Stamps for Printing Sub-100 nm Patterns of Functional Nanoparticles

Conjuring Graphene Oxide From Thin Air

How Speeding The “Most Important Algorithm Of Our Lifetime” Could Change This Modern World


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    Hi This is great..I’m an international student studying Business management in NZ. And my final project is about opening a New Zealand Innovation centre in Auckland. Actually this article helped me alot. Thanks for the post. :)