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Kilts and unicorns

Yesterday, I found out two wonderful, astounding things.

First: one of Scotland’s two national animals is the unicorn*.  Yes, folks, you heard me correctly - a nation known for being mad and extremely hardcore, has as one of its representatives a creature now seen in some of the naffest art in human history :P

Secondly, and for a reason I cannot fathom - there is no easily findable art in which kilts have been put on unicorns.  In a google search around the subject of unicorns and kilts, I found nothing.


Humanity, you disappoint me.

(Although there was a very cute drawing of a pony in a kilt, in the style used most by the very young and people drawing in Paint.)

So, here I proffer just such an image. An heraldic depiction of a unicorn, in a kilt.


A unicorn, in a kilt. Unlike kilts on human beings, this might offer MORE, not less, protection for the nethers. credit: aimee whitcroft



Oh, and of course - please feel free to make your own!  I wouldn’t mind building up a collection of such images. Anyone good with watercolours, for example? Just HOW ridiculous could we get? (I’m thinking a lot, actually)

Could we add Scotch? Thistles? Fried Mars bars?


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* The other is the Red Lion, or Lion Rampant (an animal featured on one’s family crest, ekkkshually) :)



  • AimsterSkitz0rz

    I am soooo making a watercolor unicorn in a kilt LOL