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Competition(ish): it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science

A phrase oft-uttered, in anything from a restrained growl to an infuriated scream, by my partner.

Who works with those strange computery things, and the networks connecting them, every day.

A phrase he uttered once again today, while we were chatting through another of our favourite phrases ‘science, bitches!’*

Which led us to a wonderful idea!  We think the phrase it’s not computer magic, it’s computer science (add any emphasis of your choosing) is ripe for some sort of drawing/photoshopping/image/typography mashup competition thing.  Yes, we could make something, but we bet that all of you could make this at least a trillion times better if you did it, too :P

it's not computer magic, it's computer science - your interpretation
your challenge, should you choose to accept it: interpret "it's not computer magic, it's computer science"


So, go for it!  Prizes?  Erm, we will be most amuse.  The picture will, no doubt, do the rounds.  Hell, we can probably do a ‘favourites’ roundup or some such thing.

And how knows?!  Maybe it will do the rounds on the hoodie/tshirt set.  In fact, if it’s awesome enough?  We’ll have a hoodie/tshirt printed FOR THE WINNER (judged by us, possibly, or by general vote), featuring THEIR DESIGN.

Have a read of the article which started the entire thing today - this remarkable one about the Ike Jime method of processing raw fish (for sushi etc), and the scientific basis (possibly) behind it.


* Followed by another, ‘science m*****f****r: do you speak it’.**  Or “science, bitches: it works”.

** Please do not email me being all upset for using these terms. There have to be more important things you can do with your time.