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The newest installment in my ‘I get the best spam’ series is this one, featured below.

Find the value of your name! Click to enlarge

From the fractured English I was able to twist from Google Translate, it appeared to be an invitation to join a google group, for the purposes of discovering my genealogy and so forth.

In fact, the website to which it links (which is kinda pretty, actually) says the following: “Find out the value of your name, as well as the names, occupation and wealth, ancestors, find your family.”

I tried typing in my surname - Whitcroft - but got the following message:

К сожалению, фамилия  не найдена в нашей базе данных…
Попробуйте использовать вариации фамилии,
например Антовонский = Антонов
А также используйте при поиске фамилии только мужского рода,
например Антоновская = Антоновский = Антонов

Again, consulting the Google Translate Oracle, I found this to mean:

Unfortunately, the name is not found in our database …
Try using variations of names,
For example Antovonsky = Antonov
Also use when searching for names of only the masculine
For example Antonovskaya = Antonovsky = Antonov

Does it surprise me that I’m not in their database?  ‘Course not!  While my family has certainly, *ahem* _gotten around_ over the generations, I’m not aware that they ever went snorkelling in that part of the genepool* :)

It all makes me wonder, though - how on earth did this come to me?  Could it have anything to do with Lemur Attack Force, and the fact that we have Cyrillic (admittedly of the Mongolian type) on my body and in our logo?

Who knows.  But still.  Awesome :)

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* Please note: I’m not saying that’s a good or a bad thing.  In fact, I’m massively in favour of outbreeding (I blame that genetics background of mine)** :)

** Which reminds me of an hilarious story involving my parents nearly driving off the road when, one day, I complained about them both being white(ish) and asking why one of them couldn’t have been Japanese, or some such thing :P


Text version of image:

Новейшая версия поисковика фамилий! Введи в поиске свою фамилию! на сайте

О группе:

Узнай свое происхождение за 3 мин.!
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