Weirdest comment spam ever

I’ve just received the strangest piece of comment spam ever, over on my Sciblogs blog. I have not approved it, so it will not be appearing anywhere in comments.  But I figured it merited a post :P


blah blah details of IP addresses (nothing attached to them), etc

Hey There Sciblogs,
Very interesting, Here are Mr Saxon’s main policy commitments.
Law and order: -
1. 1973 policing methods to be re-introduced.
2. Greater use of Plasmatons for crowd control.
3. All convicted criminals to have personality adjustment by use of “Keller Machine”.

Health: -
1. Numismaton gas treatment for anorexics.
2. Childhood obesity to be tackled using “tissue compression eliminator”.

Education: All citizens must learn to follow Mr Saxon’s orders without question.

Immigration: Fast Track immigration for Cheetah People.

Broadcasting: Reintroduction of Test Card and BBC globe.

Agriculture: Axonite to be used in farming and food production.

Science: -
1. Greater government finance for Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time (TOMTIT).
2. Communication with other worlds to be achieved by means of the “Pharos Project”.

New Government post of “Adjudicator” to solve industrial disputes. Appointee to be trained in hypnotism. Goatee beard compulsory.

Free plastic daffodil for all voters.
Keep up the posts!


Amazing.  Just…amazing. And I have so many questions!  Who is this Mr Saxon? Does he have anything to do with Dr Who? WHY ARE GOATEES AND DAFFODILS SO IMPORTANT?

I think funniest ever goes to the spammer who, for a while, kept promising me amazing Eastern European prostitutes :P


  • MacWeeny

    That …is …AWESOME!

    Its to do with Dr Who and the actor John Sims, who played The Master in Dr Who (who until then always had the evil villain goatee) and The Master used the surname Saxon and became the British PM in one of the seasons, the test card, 1973 refs are for Life On Mars in which the cop who wakes up in 1973 was played by John Sims.

    Best. WTF. Comment. Ever!

    Please add to the main comments list :)

    • aimee

      Heh, nah - it doesn’t really fit my sciblogs science blog. But it’s preserved here for posterity and commenting!

      And, of all things, it was a comment for the blog post on Globe at Night :P

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