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The best of Royal Society publishing - 350 years' worth!

So, this is seriously, seriously cool. 350 years’ worth of the Royal Society of London’s best published papers.

(click on the picture to visit the site)

To expand, (teehee), it’s actually an interactive, explorable timeline. And it’s been launched to commemorate the Society’s 350th birthday next year. The RS is definitely wearing the age quite well, all in all :)

The timeline’s also got a bunch of fantastic images for those of you interested in imagery/design and is, generally, an awesome website.

The first papers are a bit grim, involving bellows and dogs’ lungs. The last (most recent) paper was the RS’s fascinating paper on geoengineering, and many of the 60 papers available coincide with major historical events, although they aren’t necessarily connected. For example, in 2008, the term ‘Cubism’ was adopted; the same year, a paper was published entitled ‘Reflection of alpha particles from thin foil’.

And, of course, people with an interest in language, or at the very least the English bits thereof, will find the changing expression fascinating. Not only in and of itself, but for what it can tell us about attitudes and beliefs at the time (for a great example, have a look at Fabiana’s hilarious post on cockroaches).

And, without further ado, I shall leave you all here, as I want to go frolick in all this sciency goodness. I’m sure you do too.