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Living with robots - don’t panic

Yes, that was indeed an H2G2* reference.  I sneak ‘em in whenever I can…

Asimo, by Honda

This is just a short post to point you all in the direction of a marvellous little video put together by the makers of Asimo.  And various cars and bikes over the years.

In it, Honda** talks to a number of very interesting poeple, some of whom work in its robotics division, about the past of robotics, how people think and react to them, the influence of the film industry on such perceptions, and where robotics is headed to in the future.


Lovely stuff, with nice production value (we love PD).

*watch out for upcoming post on the subject

** Incidentally, my first few cars were Hondas of various types, and I absolutely swear by them.  What troopers.

HT: IEEE spectrum, a favourite source of geeky joy