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An exhortation to Research Bloggers

Good morning everyone, and welcome.

Research Blogging Awards 2010

As those of you who are part of Research Blogging are likely aware (following a missive that should have appeared in your inbox in the last few hours), voting has opened to choose the winners of the Research Blogging Awards 2010.

And this is where the exhortation bit comes in: do go have a look at the nominations.  Particularly in the categories in which David and I were nominated.  And, if you like our blogs, please do vote for us.  Undying appreciation could well result from such actions.

And tell your Research Blogging friends, as well :)

For myself, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy leafing through all the blogs and choosing my nominations in the categories - there’s just so much wonderful content out there, and kudos to my fellow science bloggers!

Note: that link?  Remember you can only click it once, so you only get one chance to vote…

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Finalist