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A soupcon of shameless self-sales

Wondering whether to feel ashamed or not, I suddenly thought ‘but wait - isn’t this part of the whole point?’. So onwards…

cafe scientifique

Anyway, for anyone who’s in the Tauranga (26th April) or Hamilton (27th April) areas later this month, I’m going to be talking at Cafe Scientifique about science and the media.  Something that, we’re hoping, I can give some insight into, giving it comprises my day job an’ all.

Cafe Scientifique’s pretty cool, actually.    It’s now a worldwide initiative, and started with a very simple premise - for the price of a cup of coffee, anyone who’s interested can go and get a good dose of science/tech discussion.  Topics range widely, from swine flu to the LHC.

We have several in New Zealand - I know that there are CSs in Auckland, Hamilton/Tauranga (University of the Wakitao), Wellington, Lower Hutt, and Palmerston North.  I’m not aware of any in the South Island, though - is this something anyone can a) correct me on or b) rectify?

And I’m certainly not the only sciblogger to have given a talk for CS, either.  Marcus Wilson, of the U of W, gave one late last year on the Large Hadron Collider - you will remember this was during that amusing time when people thought the Higgs boson might be mediating some effect which was destroying the LHC backwards in time.  I was not, unfortunately, able to attend the talk, but colleagues of mine who did said it was great, and you can also listen to it here.

And no: I’m not photogenic.  I’d noticed, I promise.

[Sidenote: I’m also starting a podcast in the very near future.  More details on that another time, though]

  • Grant Jacobs

    There were several in Dunedin several years ago. Haven’t heard of any more recently, but then I don’t get all the flyers, etc., from the university so I can be a bit out of the loop. (There are social disadvantages to working independently…)

  • Darcy Cowan

    I’ll try and make the Hamilton one. I, for one, would like to hear your insights.

  • Aimee Whitcroft

    Hmm, sounds like we need to try get them restarted. and Darcy, it would be great to see you there!

  • Grant Jacobs

    Hmm, sounds like we need to try get them restarted.

    You referring to me with this?

    I’m in occasional contact with Jean (Sci Comm dept.), I’l drop her a note and see what happens. (I’m a bit out of the loop, so I’d be better for me to ask in case something is already happening.) Not sure how much time I have for the coming month, but the winter months will be better.

  • Aimee Whitcroft

    Hi Grant

    Nope, not necessarily - it was more a comment to be thrown out in the wilds to see what/who came back :)