Introducing a new blog: The Science of Architecture

Interested in architecture?  Like sciencey things?  Well, we have the blog for you!

Science of Architecture Banner

Ken Collins, one of the directors of lab-works, will be penning a blog, The Science of Architecture, all about architecture from, you guessed it, a science perspective.  Topics he’ll be covering range from which wood treatments are best, to how to design a really good lab (and I have no doubt there are going to be some great horror stories there), and of course, energy efficiency.  And heaps others, of course.

For those of you not familiar with lab-works, a brief spiel: they’re an architecture firm specialising in the design of scientific spaces such as laboratories, and some of our CRIs actually boast their work!

The subject also comes with brilliant schematics, and we’re hoping that Ken will share some of these, and his stories* with all of us.

So welcome, Ken, to the fold!

*I have a particularly funny one he related about a fume hood in mind..