I wonder if it's allegorical…

[originally penned 14 April, 2010]

The Japanese peace lily in our office appears to be engaged in what can only be described as an operatic death.  Or, to put it another way, it’s dying very, very, very slowly.  In fits and starts, where one erroneously assumes for a moment or two that it could make a miraculous recovery.

Now, this could be our fault.  Hell, it could be mine.  It was flourishing when I began working here (note: I am not its guardian, so direct neglect on my part is not part of the disaster, at least).

It is possible, in the same way that I am a rain god (TM), that I might have the opposite of a green thumb.

Of course, it might also be an allegory for declining world peace.  Or peace in the Korean region.  Or, well, a million different things.

Sayonara, lily.  We will mourn your (eventual) passing.

Postscript: and another plant appears to have contracted some kind of terrifying mould.  What’s going on here?!