Filthy foreigner Pt I: Letter

There will be a few of these.

Yes, I am teh filthy foreigner (S’African in New Zealand).  A stranger in a slightly odd land (sometimes).  Filled with sheep, and grass, and, um, cows.  And the very occasional person.

Oh yeah, and awesome geeks and food and wine and views etc.

Anyhoo, I have been trying to persuade immigration to give me residency.  And asked some friends to write reference letters for me.  Below is one of said letters - more to follow in the coming days:


Dear Mr/Ms Immigration Official,

We, the undersigned, being [respectable/rich/righteous/highly qualified/innocent until proven guilty] (delete as appropriate) support the application of Ms Aimee XXX to become a [citizen/subject/peon] of [this fine nation/Canada/Afghanistan]. I can comfirm that Aimee is a hard (worker/drinker/woman to please/arsed bitch). We hold her [in high regard/in some regard/breasts], find her [entirely trustworthy/mostly amusing/borderline psychotic/a good drinking partner], and believe that she will [be a credit to the nation/owes us money/be unlikely to cause more than one major international incident per year/burn the negatives].