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Google launches STEM competition

I’ve just received a press release from Google, about a competition which looks kinda cool :)

google teslaOn January 11th, they’re going to be launching the (first ever, as is so common with the company) Google Online Science Fair.  Because of its online nature, it means it can be global pretty easily, and it’s open to anyone from the ages of 13-18.

And I can imagine that the prizes will be pretty cool :) (The release mentions internships, scholarships and other, even better, prizes).

The official announcement will be going out on December 1st (and no, I’m not breaking an embargo here).  Anyone who wants more info, and/or thinks they might be interested in telling others about it, go here and they’ll keep you updated!

Wish I was still young enough to enter…


Oh, and STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics