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Introducing a new blog: Digging the Dirt

Sciblogs just keeps on truckin’, man*.


At this rate, it’s possible we may, at some point, assimilate _all_ the science bloggers.  Who will give in willingly, because putting up any kind of fight would be completely useless :)**

And so, we would love to introduce to you all Brigid Gallagher, who will be penning Digging the Dirt.

Brigid’s an archaeologist trained in Conservation.  While you may be most familiar with her as one of the diggers on BBC Channel 4’s Time Team, she’s since returned home to New Zealand to get stuck into all the wonderful archaeological wonder we have here.

And she’s going to be sharing it with us.

Welcome, Brigid!  We’re so happy you’ve joined us :)


* I blame the Thomas Pynchon I’m reading for that particular piece of vernacular

** Today is apparently reference day.  There are at least two in here.