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QuaDror - could this be useful for Christchurch?

quadror 2On combing the interwebs today for the SMC’s weekly newsletter, I came across something incredible: the QuaDror.

It’s a structural support system which, says the website:

is a new space truss geometry that unfolds manifold design initiatives and can adapt to various conditions and configurations.

Gizmodo has this to say about it:

It has more structural strength, both horizontally and vertically, than a traditional A-frame, though it can be folded totally flat for economical shipping. It scales terrifically. It has potential applications in disaster relief, bridge-building, low-income housing, sound-insulation and art, though its elegant shape and movement is already pretty damn artful itself.

I’m not an engineer (sadly), but having had a look at the video for this design, and it’s amazing versatility, I can’t help but wonder whether it might not be a very, very useful thing for the Christchuch rebuilding efforts.


And the young designer behind it - Israeli Dror Benshetrit - is looking for businesses to partner with to get it out there!

Go here for an awesome article on Fast Co. Design about it


More fun details about it, with pictures, in the Press Reslease, which can be downloaded here.